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Where credit is due

They say that in the end, you are the sum of the people you spend the most time with. These are some of the people I've spent time with and imported into my brain, where they continue to inspire and generate most of my ideas. The self is an illusion! 

FRIENDS AND ACCOMPLICES · Elaine Colligan · Joanna de Boer · Hayley Byrnes · Aaron Z. Lewis · Alexandra Méndez · Brendan Tracey · Attila Yaman · HIVEMINDS AND COMMON ROOMS · the Capital Reading Group · Oxford Scriptorium · the Divine House · the Santa Fe Institute · SCHOLARLY AND LIFE MENTORS · Diane Purkiss · Mary C. Flannery · Anne Fadiman · Laura Egley Taylor 


This site was made using Wix and is set in EB Garamond, Mallory, and Yale. 


Most images are credited as they appear. The header image is by Paola Ocaranza, courtesy of Unsplash. 

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